R J Suomalainen

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The anatomy of histamine-immunoreactive cell bodies in normal adult human brain was examined in detail. In addition, the distribution of these cells in three cases of Alzheimer's disease was compared to the distribution of neurofibrillary tangles. Histamine-immunoreactive cell bodies were confined to the tuberal and posterior hypothalamus, forming the(More)
Vaasa, located on the Gulf of Bothnia, is representative of medium-sized cities on the coast of the Baltic Sea. This article discusses Vaasa's impact on the surrounding sea area and the city's reactions to the pollution of the sea. The history of wastewater treatment in Vaasa strongly suggests that first-generation environmental problems, e.g. the pollution(More)
Patients with hypercholesterolaemia are often treated with the antimicrobial agent neomycin. Such treatment is potentially dangerous, however, as it may favour the emergence of multiresistant, R-factor-carrying, enteric bacteria among the intestinal flora. In 11 out of 14 patients who had received neomycin for three months to eight years most of the faecal(More)
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