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Given a locally defined, nondifferentiable but Lipschitz Lyapunov function, we employ it in order to construct a (discontinuous) feedback law which stabilizes the underlying system to any given tolerance. A converse result shows that suitable Lyapunov functions of this type exist under mild assumptions. We also establish that the feedback in question(More)
A standard finite dimensional nonlinear control system is considered, along with a state constraint set S and a target set Σ. It is proven that open loop S-constrained controllability to Σ implies closed loop S-constrained controllability to the closed δ-neighborhood of Σ, for any specified δ > 0. When the target set Σ satisfies a small time S-constrained(More)
An L-rhamnosyl residue plays an essential structural role in the cell wall of Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Therefore, the four enzymes (RmlA to RmlD) that form dTDP-rhamnose from dTTP and glucose-1-phosphate are important targets for the development of new tuberculosis therapeutics. M. tuberculosis genes encoding RmlA, RmlC, and RmlD have been identified and(More)
A customised African release of CAST (Computer Assisted Statistics Textbooks) has provided much-needed access to a series of modern statistics textbooks for many students in Africa. The recent addition of a collection of interactive CAST exercises has proved valuable in strengthening the learning of statistical concepts by students. A new CAST testing(More)
In C. Reading (Ed.), Data and context in statistics education: Towards an evidence-based society. Some general conclusions are drawn from the experience of converting two face-to-face statistics courses into facilitated, part-time e-learning courses, and running them for several cohorts of African students. The 'Statistics in Applied Climatology' course is(More)
Preoperative planning, or intraoperative navigation of hip surgery, including joint-preserving procedures such as osteotomy or joint-replacing procedures such as total arthroplasty, needs to be performed with a high degree of accuracy to ensure a successful outcome. The ability to precisely localise the hip joint rotation centre may prove to be very useful(More)
This paper presents the first estimate of United States military cost for Persian Gulf force (C PGfp) derived entirely by a quantitative method. An activity-based cost (ABC) model uses geographic distribution of aircraft carriers as a proxy allocator of Department of Defense (DoD) baseline cost to regional operations. Allocation follows simply from DoD data(More)
In C. Reading (Ed.), Data and context in statistics education: Towards an evidence-based society. Until recently, the teaching of statistics in East Africa has been a traditional chalk-and-talk affair. In the last few years computers have become more widely accessible. At the same time many statistical resources of the highest quality are freely available(More)