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Given a locally defined, nondifferentiable but Lipschitz Lyapunov function, we employ it in order to construct a (discontinuous) feedback law which stabilizes the underlying system to any given tolerance. A converse result shows that suitable Lyapunov functions of this type exist under mild assumptions. We also establish that the feedback in question(More)
A standard finite dimensional nonlinear control system is considered, along with a state constraint set S and a target set Σ. It is proven that open loop S-constrained controllability to Σ implies closed loop S-constrained controllability to the closed δ-neighborhood of Σ, for any specified δ > 0. When the target set Σ satisfies a small time S-constrained(More)
Wild-type rabbitpox virus (RPV) produces red hemorrhagic pocks on the chorioallantoic membranes (CAMs) of embryonated chicken eggs. Like the crmA (SPI-2) gene of cowpox virus, disruption of the RPV ps/hr gene results in a mutant which produces white pocks on the CAMs. An examination of the properties of the RPV(ps/hr) mutant in cell culture also reveals a(More)
The rabbitpox virus (RPV) B5R protein, synthesized late in infection, is found as a 45-kDa membrane-associated protein of the envelope of infectious extracellular enveloped virus (EEV) and as a 38-kDa protein secreted from the cell by a process independent of morphogenesis. The protein is not found associated with intracellular mature virus (IMV). Deletion(More)
This paper presents the first estimate of United States military cost for Persian Gulf force (C PGfp) derived entirely by a quantitative method. An activity-based cost (ABC) model uses geographic distribution of aircraft carriers as a proxy allocator of Department of Defense (DoD) baseline cost to regional operations. Allocation follows simply from DoD data(More)
A standard class of finite dimensional control systems is considered , along with a state constraint set S and a target set Σ ⊂ S. Under certain geometric assumptions on S and a required S-constrained small time controllability property, a proximal Hamilton-Jacobi characterization of the S-constrained minimal time function to target Σ is obtained. 1.(More)