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Conflicting reports in the literature on the relationship between the inferiorly based pharyngeal flap and otitis media with effusion (OME) motivated a prospective study on 51 children between 3 and 12 years of age suffering from velopharyngeal incompetence. The patient group consisted of 34 children with cleft palate and 17 children with congenitally short(More)
If a human ear is stimulated with short sound pulses an acoustic response can be recorded many milliseconds later in the ear canal. This 'cochlear echo' was discovered by Kemp some years ago. Soon after this discovery it was found that many normal ears also emit weak sounds without being stimulated. Here we present the results of the measurements of minimum(More)
The just-noticeable-difference in frequency (jndf) for complex signals with triangular spectral envelopes is found to depend on the envelope slope. For shallow slopes (less than 140 dB/oct), jndf increases with decreasing slope. Addition of noise also impairs frequency discrimination within a region of about 20 dB above masked threshold. This is found for(More)
A method was evolved by which the organ of Corti could be examined in its entirety with the scanning electron microscope, the organ meanwhile retaining its spiral form. This made it possible to assess traumatic effects on the cochlea and qualify lesions in terms of extent, localization and pattern. It was also found possible eventually to cut the same(More)
  • R J Ritsma
  • Nederlands tijdschrift voor gerontologie
  • 1979
The increase of hearing loss in the aged looks like a natural process. The handicap problems caused by this process have not to be accepted as such. A hard of hearing aged may be helped by a hearing aid if he is willing to learn again how to communicate. Just in the learning period professional support has to be given, in the field of handling the hearing(More)
Psychoacoustical thresholds were determined for complex signals (triangular spectral envelope and 2000-Hz center frequency) masked by broadband noise. Variation of the fundamental frequency and of the phase relation between the components had no influence on the masked thresholds, although the temporal envelopes of the complexes were completely different.(More)