R. J. Peterson

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The recombinant thrombopoietins have been shown to be effective stimulators of platelet production in cancer patients. It was therefore of interest to determine if one of these, pegylated recombinant human megakaryocyte growth and development factor (PEG-rHuMGDF), could be used to increase platelet counts and consequently platelet yields from apheresis in(More)
Healthcare networks are increasingly supported in their operations by advanced information and communication technologies. However, the adoption and diffusion of enabling technologies in their complex workflows, organizational structures, and professional sub-cultures is not trivial. Electronic healthcare networks are strongly evolving professional(More)
Many patients receiving dose-intensive chemotherapy acquire thrombocytopenia and need platelet transfusions. A study was conducted to determine whether platelets harvested from healthy donors treated with thrombopoietin could provide larger increases in platelet counts and thereby delay time to next platelet transfusion compared to routinely available(More)
A 25-year-old woman presented with a four-year history of progressive right-lower-extremity weakness and atrophy and a left hemisensory deficit was found. Metrizamide-enhanced spinal CT scan showed an intramedullary lesion at the level of T1-T2; this had expanded the cord in fusiform fashion but showed no evidence of a cystic component. Surgical resection(More)
Just over two years ago I wrote a summary of infinite loop space theory [37]. At the time, there seemed to be a lull in activity, with little immediately promising work in progress. As it turns out, there has been so much done in the interim that an update of the summary may be useful. The initial survey was divided into four chapters, dealing with additive(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Fluoroscopic-guided lumbar puncture is an effective alternative to bedside lumbar puncture in challenging patients. However, no published guidelines are available for an acceptable range of fluoroscopic time for this procedure. The purpose of this study was to set department benchmark fluoroscopic times for lumbar puncture, accounting(More)
This paper presents an exploratory study of Information Systems (IS) competencies of business managers in Spain. Following resource-based theory and a knowledge-based view of IS competencies, an extensive review of the literature is conducted to identify a comprehensive list of IS competencies of business managers. In order to validate the business IS(More)