R. J. Peterson

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Healthcare networks are increasingly supported in their operations by advanced information and communication technologies. However, the adoption and diffusion of enabling technologies in their complex workflows, organizational structures, and professional sub-cultures is not trivial. Electronic healthcare networks are strongly evolving professional(More)
This paper presents an exploratory study of Information Systems (IS) competencies of business managers in Spain. Following resource-based theory and a knowledge-based view of IS competencies, an extensive review of the literature is conducted to identify a comprehensive list of IS competencies of business managers. In order to validate the business IS(More)
This thesis investigates the reactions of Mn 2+ and Co 2+ with permanganate as a route for manganese and cobalt oxide nanoparticle synthesis in the protein ferritin. Permanganate serves as the electron acceptor and reacts with Mn 2+ and Co 2+ in the presence of apoferritin to form manganese and cobalt oxide cores inside the protein shell. Manganese loading(More)
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