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In recent years, the efforts to better define quality of patient care have focused on attempts to improve on the measurement of quality. These efforts raise three questions: (1) Why attempt to measure quality? (2) What is the best way to measure quality of care of the cancer patient? and (3) What must be done to achieve this? Three main reasons for(More)
OBJECTIVE This study examined the impact of managed care on hospital obstetric outcomes in Medicaid-sponsored women. METHODS The study sample consisted of a total of 525,517 maternal deliveries for singleton births from three payer groups, Medicaid managed care, Medicaid fee-for-service, and private managed care in 439 short-term-stay nonfederal hospitals(More)
Soaring health care costs have fueled the immense growth in managed care. To contain these costs, health care organizations have turned to clinical pathways. However, clinical pathways cannot do an effective job if health care personnel are not aware of their existence. The article presents a simple, effective, and efficient method to increase placement of(More)
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