R. J. Manning

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To compare the effect of constant resistance (CR) and variable resistance (VR) training on full range-of-motion (ROM) strength development, 22 men and 27 women (age = 26 +/- 5 yr) were randomly assigned to either a CR training group (N = 17), a VR training group (N = 17), or a control group (N = 15) that did not train. The CR and VR groups trained 2 to 3(More)
This paper reviews some of the most recent methods for increasing the speed of operation of all-optical switches based on semiconductor optical amplifiers (SOAs). We concentrate on two approaches; namely, methods to utilise the high-frequency tail of the nonlinear optical response of SOAs, and ways to reduce their gain recovery time. 1. INTRODUCTION(More)
Delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) was administered to albino rats with extensive experience in free-operant (Sidman) lever-press shock avoidance. Dosing (30 mg/kg intragastrically) continued once daily, 3 hr before testing, for 1 to 6 weeks. Significant changes were noted in the response rates of several animals, but both the magnitude and direction of(More)
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