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Tooth sensitivity and fracture after cementation of posts for endodontically treated teeth have been a problem. This investigation developed an in vitro method of measuring intraradicular hydrostatic pressures created during simulated post cementation. The testing apparatus consisted of a pressure transducer and brush recorder connected to precision milled(More)
This study was undertaken to determine if electromyography with biofeedback can be utilized to produce a more reliable determination of rest vertical dimension than conventional methods such as phonetics and swallowing. It was found that: 1. Electromyography with biofeedback appeared to produce a more consistently reliable determination of rest vertical(More)
In 2001 job embeddedness was introduced as a new construct to explain and predict turnover in organizations (Mitchell, Holtom, Lee, Sablynski, & Erez, 2001). The current study tests the job embeddedness construct with a sample of 183 Pediatric Emergency Medicine (PEM) physicians. Results suggest that job embeddedness, a composite variable measuring(More)
Im Frühjahr 1967 wurde mit verschiedenen Nematizide (Nemafos-Emulsion gegossen bzw, gespritzt, Nemafos-Granulat [5 und 10% Wirkstoffgehalt], Terracur P) ein Versuch zur Bekämpfung vonPratylenchus convallariae undP. penetrans in Maiblumen angelegt, der über die gesamte Kulturzeit von 2 Jahren lief. Trotz der langanhaltenden Trockenperioden im Frühjahr und(More)
A technique for obtaining maxillomandibular registration for complete denture patients is presented. The maxillary rim is formed with the use of conventional techniques. The mandibular rim is made from modeling plastic impression compound on a record base formed by the patient into the neutral zone. The mandibular rim then is reheated, and the patient(More)
Although the altered-cast impression technique attains stability and controlled tissue support for distal-extension removable partial dentures, the procedure is time-consuming and technique-sensitive. This study clinically compared the vertical displacement of distal-extension removable partial dentures made from different impression techniques. The(More)