R J Kovalski

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To establish a natural model of sleep-disordered breathing, we investigated respiration during wakefulness and sleep in the English bulldog. This breed is characterized by an abnormal upper airway anatomy, with enlargement of the soft palate and narrowing of the oropharynx. During sleep, the animals had disordered respiration and episodes of O2(More)
Although commonly found at autopsy, leukemic infiltration of the lung is rarely recognized as a cause of respiratory symptoms or roentgenographic densities. Previously reported cases of patients who had symptomatic or roentgenographic acute leukemic lung diseases invariably presented with diffuse pulmonary infiltrates. We describe three patients with(More)
Basic mechanisms of sleep-disordered breathing (SDB) during rapid-eye-movement sleep (REMS) have been little investigated, despite the fact that events are often more prolonged and SaO2 nadirs lower during REMS. We predicted that the mechanisms of SDB in REMS would be related to the normal phasic changes in respiratory control in that state, rather than to(More)
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