R. J. Kennett

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We have fully reconstructed decays of both B 0 and B mesons into nal states containing either D, D , D , , 0 or c1 mesons. This allows us to obtain new results on many physics topics including branching ratios, tests of the factorization hypothesis, color suppression, resonant substructure, and the B B 0 mass diierence.
This paper is based on the personal experience of the authors, and describes some of the real world management problems that they have encountered during the early development stages of a large and complex logistics IT system for the Royal Air Force. It covers some of the practical and pragmatic solutions that have been devised to ensure value for money and(More)
Traditional air delivery to high-bay buildings involves ceiling level supply and return ducts that create an almost-uniform temperature in the space. Problems with this system include potential recirculation of supply air and higher-than-necessary return air temperatures. A new air delivery strategy was investigated that involves changing the height of(More)
This paper describes the practical experiences of the authors subsequent to the 1993 Symposium and overlays the procurement process that took place for the development of the first tranche of the Royal Air Force's Logistics Information Technology System from a COMPUSEC perspective. It explains some of the problems encountered by the Security Team during the(More)
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