R. J. Kashtiban

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InGaN/GaN multilayer quantum dot structures produced by MOCVD techniques on c-plane sapphire were studied by transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and photoluminescence (PL) techniques. Indium fluctuations ranging from 1-4 nm were observed with both energy filtered TEM (EFTEM) and high angle annular dark field (HAADF) scanning TEM. The existence of(More)
Two kinds of superlattices (i) with and (ii) without growth interrupt (GI) after deposition of 1.77 monolayers (ML) of InAs on GaAs (0 01) were grown by solid-source molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) and assessed by transmission electron microscopy (TEM) techniques, double crystal X-ray diffraction (DCXRD) and photoluminescence (PL) measurements in order to gain(More)
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