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in previously healthy white patients from Germany differ from previously published cases. These 2 patients were not of Asian ethnicity and had no travel history, no contact with persons in a high-risk group (10), and no common risk factors such as malignancy (8); however, 1 patient had type-2 diabetes. K. pneumoniae liver abscesses might be an emerging(More)
Dengue viruses (DENV 1-4) are a risk to transfusion safety, with several transfusion-transmitted (TT) cases reported globally. DENV 1-4 are endemic in over 100 countries, with seasonal outbreaks occurring in northeastern Australia. To mitigate TT-DENV risk in Australia, fresh blood components are not manufactured from donors returning from any area(More)
Two Australian blood donors were diagnosed with relapsing Plasmodium vivax malaria 5 and 15 months, respectively, after their most recent travel to a malaria-endemic country. Common features included travel to Papua New Guinea (specifically, the Kokoda Trail); full compliance with recommended malaria chemoprophylaxis; and negative results on malaria(More)
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