R J Eden

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1681 tors. Ke estimate the cluster correction to be 0.3%0.3 Mev and the energy denominator correction (compared to the result with 6E=O) to be 1.0&0.5 Mev, giving a final result for the energy (at the minimum) of — 14.8&0.6 Mev. It is to be emphasized that this result is very much more accurate than the knowledge of the potentials, particularly since the(More)
These studies characterise the pharmacology of ropinirole, a selective D-2 agonist. High-affinity human caudate binding revealed a Ki for D2 receptors of 2.9 x 10(-8) M with no affinity for D1 at 10(-4) M in the rat. Ropinirole was weakly active at alpha 2-adrenoceptors and 5-HT2 receptors but inactive at 5-HT1, benzodiazepine and gamma-aminobutyric acid(More)
The haemodynamic and autonomic nervous system effects of the DA2 agonist, SK & F 101468, have been studied in anaesthetised cats. SK & F 101468 inhibited the tachycardia response to cardiac accelerans nerve stimulation. The inhibition, reversed by L-sulpiride a selective DA2 receptor antagonist, was dose-dependent over the dose range 10-50 micrograms.kg-1(More)
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