R J Corboz

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ADD is very well known in english speaking countries (DSM III 26-29). At first american authors have demonstrated that psycho-organic disturbances do not disappear in all cases of adulthood. Attention deficit disorders, lack of concentration, weak short time memory, word finding difficulties, visuo-motor function deficiency, lability of mood, impulsivity,(More)
The lecture is based on the phenomenalism of autism and schizophrenia. Essentially their mutual appearance is described: the contact and relation disability. According to Merleau-Ponty, "être au monde" means "être ouvert au monde" and to be possible to be open "á soi-même". The clinical reports of the autism and of the schizophrenia may be understood as(More)
  • R J Corboz
  • 1984
The somato-psychic development in puberty should not be described isolated. It has to be brought in connexion with childhood on the one side and the age of the young adults on the other side. Puberty and adolescence generally are not used as synonyms. They accord with two different stages of development, succeeding one another between childhood and(More)
Somatopsychic disturbances encompassing both ophthalmologic as well as child-psychiatric phenomena mainly occur in ADD: Central disorders of eye motoricity (strabismus) and disorders of visual perception are encountered. Dyslexia or dysorthography often occur as secondary phenomena. The psychosomatic or psychogenic disturbances affect not only the lid(More)
In 1975, Gloor and one of us checked the prospective objectants (i.e. objectants to military service) of the years 1971 to 1973. The written paper is a katamnestic study of these cases (N = 127). 35 got a dispensation for psychiatric reasons. 7 of them, however, did serve in the military service, 6 were sentenced for refusal of serving, and 21 proved unfit(More)
  • R J Corboz
  • 1977
The notion of "stress", the concepts of normal or pathological adaptability are applicable to child and adolescent. The stress is not a fixed value and depends on the personality of the child, on his degree of development and on his environment. Each educator ought to know the difference between a stimulus necessary to the development and a harmful and(More)