R. J. Beynon

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Proteomics has advanced in leaps and bounds over the past couple of decades. However, the continuing dependency of mass spectrometry-based protein identification on the searching of spectra against protein sequence databases limits many proteomics experiments. If there is no sequenced genome for a given species, then cross species proteomics is required,(More)
This paper describes a stack for the Apple Macintosh Hypercard environment that facilitates the calculation of a set of thermodynamically-corrected pH buffers. Presented in the familiar Macintosh mouse-based environment, the program allows comprehensive buffer design and gives the user full control of buffer species, temperature, ionic strength, pH and(More)
Software for non-linear curve fitting has been written in BASIC to execute on the British Broadcasting Corporation Microcomputer. The program uses the direct search algorithm Pattern-search, a robust algorithm that has the additional advantage of needing specification of the function without inclusion of the partial derivatives. Although less efficient than(More)
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