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The solvable sl(n)-chiral Potts model can be interpreted as a three-dimensional lattice model with local interactions. To within a minor modification of the boundary conditions it is an Ising type model on the body centered cubic lattice with two-and three-spin interactions. The corresponding local Boltzmann weights obey a number of simple relations,(More)
We adapt our previous results for the " partition function " of the superin-tegrable chiral Potts model with open boundaries to obtain the corresponding matrix elements of e −αH , where H is the associated hamiltonian. The spontaneous magnetization M r can be expressed in terms of particular matrix elements of e −αH S r 1 e −βH , where S 1 is a diagonal(More)
An outstanding problem in statistical mechanics is the order parameter of the chiral Potts model. An elegant conjecture for this was made in 1983. It has since been successfully tested against series expansions, but there is as yet no proof of the conjecture. Here we show that if one makes a certain analyticity assumption similar to that used to derive the(More)
Elliott Lieb's ice-type models opened up the whole field of solvable models in statistical mechanics. Here we discuss the " commuting transfer matrix " T, Q equations for these models, writing them in a more explicit and transparent notation that we believe offers new insights. The approach manifests the relationship between the six-vertex and chiral Potts(More)