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Despite large regional policy expenditures, regional inequalities in Europe have not narrowed substantially over the last two decades, and by some measures have even widened. Income differences across States have fallen, but inequalities between regions within each State have risen. European States have developed increasingly different production(More)
There is considerable evidence suggesting that the composition of the community-that is, the characteristics of the residents themselves-plays a central role in determining levels of important public outputs such as education and public safety. This paper explores the normative implications of this evidence. We show that optimal community composition(More)
We investigate the relationship between interstate highways and highway vehicle-kilometers travelled (VKT) in US cities. We find that VKT increases proportionately to highways and identify three important sources for this extra VKT: an increase in driving by current residents; an inflow of new residents; and an increase in transportation intensive(More)
2 ABSTRACT AND HEADNOTE This paper examines the properties of stationary-state general equilibrium in a monocentric city with durable housing. On the demand side, identical households choose location, housing quality and quantity (floor area), and other goods. On the supply side, developers choose the structural density and time path of quality (which(More)
This study introduces two new measures of spatial concentration. The proposed M functions constitute an extension to Ripley's functions (Ripley, 1976, 1977). They allow the evaluation of the relative geographic concentration and co-location of industries in a non-homogeneous spatial framework. Some rigorous comparisons with similar recently developed tools(More)
We examine the eeects of diierent sequences of work and rest on the daily productivity of workers who planted trees in the province of British Columbia, Canada, comparing the intertemporal productivity prooles of planters who were paid either xed wages or piece rates. We nd that planters who are paid piece rates produce more, on average, than those who are(More)
Preliminary draft: Please do not cite or quote without the permission of one of the authors. We would like to thank participants at both those sessions for helpful comments, especially Jan Brueckner. Arnott redrafted the paper during a visit to the Center for Economic Studies (CES) at the University of Munich. He would like to thank the Center for their(More)
This paper empirically investigates the predictions of economic geography models regarding the role of transport costs on regional inequalities. We perform a structural estimation of such a model on French data at detailed geographic and industry levels (341 " employment areas " , 64 manufacturing and service industries). Transport costs, intermediate(More)