R. J. A. M. van der Hulst

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Early detection of ototoxicity is of vital importance in cases in which ototoxic drugs are administered. Ototoxicity as a result of cis-platinum administration is well documented. Auditory damage may be reduced by changes in dose, drugs or methods of treatment. As ototoxicity appears to be most pronounced in the higher frequencies of sound, any changes can(More)
A transcutaneous bone-conduction hearing aid was implanted in 11 patients who were not suitable for transcranial sound amplification. Audiological and surgical selection criteria were followed strictly. One device had to be explanted and minor revision surgery was needed in two cases for skin irritation and scarring. In general the aids were well tolerated(More)
Since the management of keloid and hypertrophic scars still remains a difficult clinical problem, there is need for adequate, effective therapy. In this study, we explored for the first time the efficacy and the potential synergetic effect of combined triamcinolone and verapamil for the treatment of hypertrophic and keloid scars. The objective was to assess(More)
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