R. Ipanaqué

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One of the most interesting and striking concepts in Differential Geometry is that of the Gauss map. In the case of surfaces, this map projects surface normals to a unit sphere. This strategy is especially useful when analyzing the shape structure of a smooth surface. This paper describes a new Mathematica package, GaussMap, for computing and displaying the(More)
Intervals play a pivotal role in both theoretical mathematics and applied mathematics. As a consequence, interval computation is becoming increasingly used in several fields of Mathematics and other applied sciences. However, only a few computer programs include specialized tools and libraries for interval computation so far. In this paper we describe a new(More)
In this paper a new Mathematica package for creating truth tables for logical reasoning and deduction is introduced. By using several simple examples, the paper shows the different options the user can choose to modify the visual appearance of the tables as well as other additional features - such as row and column numbering - for better understanding. The(More)
Although the limit of a function at a point is one of the most important concepts in mathematics, to prove symbolically its formal definition is a challenging exercise that requires a certain level of expertise usually out of the capabilities of most students. This paper introduces a new mathematica package to prove symbolically the values of limits of(More)
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