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The studied were carried out in 360 samples of unboiled milk and 1080 samples of pasteurized milk taken from three processing and distributing dairies having a different capacity and equipment. It was proved that the content of psychrotrophic microorganisms in unboiled milk from the three dairies varied from 120000 up to 200000 in 1 cm3 and was in close(More)
Studied were batches of frozen ocean mackerel (Scomber scombrus L.) and silver hake (Merluccius bilinearis, Mitchill) during storage in a central base and in shops. The evaluation of the fish was made on the basis of organoleptic data, pH values, volatile bases, trimethylamin, volatile fatty acids, the amount of tissue fluids after Kietzmann, luminescence(More)
BACKGROUND Early recognition of cardiac arrest (CA) and immediate commencement of resuscitation, may increase the survival rate among CA victims. We therefore conducted a survey among medical students to assess their knowledge of BLS and AED. METHODS The audit was performed among students, most of whom had completed at least one first aid course and those(More)
Studied were the changes taking place in the fats of frozen mackerel according to its quality. The organoleptic evaluation performed by a standard method served as a basis of comparison. It was found that the fats of standard frozen ocean mackerel show a thiobarbiturate number after Kopecky (E/n X 10) ranging up to 10, and a peroxide number of up to 0.20%(More)
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