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Software development is a highly collaborative activity that requires teams of developers to continually manage and coordinate their programming tasks. In this paper, we describe an empirical study that explored how task annotations embedded within the source code play a role in how software developers manage personal and team tasks. We present findings(More)
—Ajax-enabled web applications are a new breed of highly interactive, highly dynamic web applications. Although Ajax allows developers to create rich web applications, Ajax applications can be difficult to comprehend and thus to maintain. For this reason, we have created FireDetective, a tool that uses dynamic analysis at both the client (browser) and(More)
As the "software space" of source code, documentation, models, and other programming artifacts continue to grow in size and complexity, programmers face the challenge of navigating this space, as well as documenting and sharing their journeys for other developers and future successors. Current navigational structures are either closely tied to the semantics(More)
This paper presents the conceptual design of TagSEA, a collaborative tool to support asynchronous software development. Our goal is to develop a lightweight source code annotation tool that enhances navigation, coordination, and capture of knowledge relevant to a software development team. Our design is inspired by combining "waypoints" from geographical(More)
Searching source code is one of the most common activities of software engineers. Text editors and other support tools normally provide searching based on lexical expressions (regular expressions). Some more advanced editors provide a way to add semantic direction to some of the searches. Recent research has focused on advancing the semantic options(More)
Program comprehension tools are a valuable resource for navigating and understanding large software systems. Package explorers, fan-in / fan-out views, dependency graphs and coverage analysis are example contributions from the program comprehension community. While many of these research projects have lead to exciting enhancements in our field, many other(More)
We explore how to support the creation of customized vi-sualizations of ontology instance data through the specification of ontology mappings. We combine technologies from the disciplines of software modeling and ontology engineering. The feasibility of our approach is demonstrated by extending an existing ontology mapping tool, COGZ, to translate ontology(More)