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The objective of the present study was to estimate extracellular pH (pHe) and intracellular pH (pHi) during near-complete forebrain ischemia in the rat, and to evaluate the relative importance of lactic acidosis and rise in tissue Pco2 (Ptco2) in causing pHe and pHi to fall. The animals, which were ventilated, normoxic, normocapnic, and normothermic, were(More)
Incomplete forebrain ischemia of 15-min duration was induced in rats made hyperglycemic or moderately hypoglycemic prior to ischemia. Tissue CO2 tension, CO2 content, labile tissue metabolites, and extracellular pH (pHe) were measured, and intracellular pH (pHi) was derived by calculation on the assumption that cerebral intracellular fluids can be lumped(More)
Frozen brain specimens from eight multiple sclerosis (MS) patients were examined for the presence of leukocytes and their cell products by using a panel of monoclonal antibodies. The results presented here demonstrated that in the MS lesion, there was a marked accumulation of HLA-Dr-positive (Ia-positive) cells. These Ia-positive cells were identified as(More)
Mononuclear cell infiltrates are found to varying degrees in 30% to 60% of primary human central nervous system (CNS) gliomas. To explore the immunological importance of this, six operative glial tumors, eight non-glial tumors, and three normal brain specimens were studied. Utilizing an immunoperoxidase method, the authors examined frozen sections for(More)
The objective of the study was to estimate changes in extracellular pH (pHe) and intracellular pH (pHi) during seizures and in the recovery period following the arrest of seizure activity. Seizures of 5- and 20-min duration were induced in rats by fluorothyl added to the insufflated gas mixture, and recovery for 5, 15, and 45 min was instituted by(More)
A rare case of thoracic spinal angiomyolipoma presenting with evidence of vertebral body infiltration and concurrent epidural spinal cord compression is described. Clinicopathological correlates, aspects of radiological diagnosis, considerations for surgical management, and histopathological features denoting possible unique attributes of biological(More)
The use of non-circular collimators is considered on all or some of the arcs used for radiosurgery on a linear accelerator in order to obtain conformal dose distribution for non-spherical lesions using a single isocenter. An extension of software to allow for use of non-circular collimators and a mathematical optimization based on prescribed doses on the(More)
A mathematical solution is described to reconstruct 3-D objects in the stereotactic space from angiographic, not necessarily perpendicular 2-D projections. The mathematical calculation requires 6 markers, whose coordinates should be known within the stereotactic frame reference system. This method was developed to improve the planning in stereotactic(More)
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