R. I. Vinter

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The recently introduced shifted Rayleigh filter is a moment matching algorithm that exploits the essential structure of the nonlinearities present in bearings-only tracking. The algorithm can befitted to a wide range of scenarios and places no restrictions on model dimensionality. The key feature is that it generates the exact updated conditional(More)
Degeneration of the tactile cells in epithelium of the cat sinuous hairs after sectioning the infraorbital nerve manifests itself as cytoplasmic vacuolization and induration with electron opaque bodies in it, changes in nuclear configuration and in chromatin density. At all stages of the experiment the tactile cells were practically observed demonstrating(More)
The state of the tactile cells (Merkel's cells) in epithelium of the internal follicle in the cat sinuous hairs is controlled by sensitive neurons. This statement, derived from the experiments on denervation, was analysed in the investigation when colchicine (an agent blocking axoplasmic transport) was applied on the nerve. Thirty and 60 days after(More)
tion of the connective tissue space," Proceedings of the North Dakota Academy of Science, 24, 142 (1971) Klika, E. "The lining of the subdural space," Electron Microscopy, No. 4, Czech. Acad. Sci., Prague (1964), pp. 307-308. Lopes, C. A. S., and Mair, W. G. P. "Ultrastructure of the arachnoid membrane in man," Acta Neuropathol. (Berlin), 28, 167 (1974).(More)
Ultrastructural characteristics of the rat skeletal muscle fibers was studied under a prolonged static loading. Disruption of the mitochondrial membranes, desintegration and lysis of myofibrils, desorganization of the T-system and Z-bands were revealed. Destructive processes were accompanied with the physiological reparative regeneration evidenced by a(More)
Colchicine application to the cat caudal mesenteric nerve containing sensory fibers for single mechanoreceptors (Pacinian corpuscles) causes degeneration of the axis cast of the nerve endings. Ultrastructural changes in the receptors showed no difference from the axonal degeneration after the nerve section but the rate of degeneration was considerably(More)
After application of colchicine to the caudal mesenteric nerve of cats, which contains sensory fibers for single mechanoreceptors (Pacinian corpuscles) the axon of the nerve endings degenerates. The character of the ultrastructural changes in the receptor is virtually identical with that observed during degeneration of axons after division of the nerve, but(More)
After division of cutaneous nerves, tactile cells (Merkel's cells) in the epithelium of the skin and its appendages degenerate [Kadanoff, 1928; Jalowy, 1934, 1935; Brown and Iggo, 1963; Burgess et al., 1974]. Electron-microscopic investigations of the receptor apparatus of the cat [English, 1977] and opossum [Palmer, 1965] skin have confirmed that total(More)
Numerous Merkel cells are situated among the epithelial cells of the hair follicle of sinus hairs. Many of them are in contact with sensitive nerve terminals and differ from the epithelial cells by the presence in the cytoplasm of specific granules concentrated in the region of contact with nerve terminals. In the connective tissue of sinus hairs of 8-9(More)