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The effect of in vitro exposure to nitrous oxide on rat fetal and maternal methionine synthase activity was investigated. Enzyme solutions were prepared from livers of fetuses and mothers on day 19 of gestation and exposed to air, 50% oxygen or 50% nitrous oxide in oxygen for periods up to 24 h. Normal activity of methionine synthase in the fetus was about(More)
Acute Renal Failure-Marshall MEDICAIJOUHRNAL 853 diuretic phase with resolution of uraemia. An obvious renal vascular insult with severe hypotension was apparent on both occasions as a precipitating cause, Gram-negative septicaemia being proved for the initial attack and clinically suspect for the second. The inadvisability of the 'wound resuture being(More)
In 7 subjects, serial EEGs, serum bromide determinations, and psychological tests were done prior to and following 13.83 +/- 0.74 (SEM) MAC-hours of halothane anesthesia. Significant psychological impairment demonstrated 2 days following anesthesia in these subjects was absent 2 weeks following exposure to halothane. Nonspecific postanesthetic slowing of(More)
Nephrotoxicity following administration of methoxyflurane has been shown to be directly related to anesthetic metabolism to inorganic fluoride. Enzyme induction should increase metabolic rate and the amount of inorganic fluoride that is released. In vivo studies in Fischer 344 rats show that enzyme induction with phenobarbital or phenytoin increases(More)
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