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Younger and older participants did word-association tasks after implicit and explicit instructions and a read-generate study manipulation. No age differences were shown in the implicit version of the test. A generation effect for both age groups suggested that word-association priming can be classified as a conceptually driven task and a new task at which(More)
Cognitive and psychomotor impairments can be unwanted adverse effects of antiepileptic drugs. The present double-blind, coross-over study with healthy volunteers was designed to assess the effects of two doses of oxcarbazepine (OXCZ) (150 mg b.i.d.; 300 mg b.i.d.) and a placebo, each given over a two week period. Twelve subjects completed a battery of tests(More)
A group of young participants were compared with 2 groups of older participants (young-old, 65-74 years and old-old, 75 years or over) on a range of frontal lobe tasks. They were also assessed on the Digit Symbol Substitution Test (DSST), a test of digit cancellation (DC), the AH4 test of fluid intelligence, and the National Adult Reading Test (NART)-a(More)
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