R I Fedorova

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A study of the action of different physical factors on micro-organisms is necessary for a further development of exobiology. The action of temperature on crystalline preparations of catalase and peroxidase was studied by means of oscillographic polarography. A determination of the height of polarographic waves at the decrease of temperature from 20 degrees(More)
1. The problem of the transport of viable germs through interplanetary space has recently acquired special interest arising from the necessity of sterilization of space ships. 2. Of all cosmic extremal factors ultraviolet solar radiation is the most dangerous for microorganisms. The intensity of the most bactericidal region of ultraviolet radiation at a(More)
The major exobiological problem is the detection of life on other planets. The present paper presents experimental data on gas exchange between different samples of terrestrial soils and the atmosphere. The feasibility of applying the gas chromatographic technique to the detection of extraterrestrial life is discussed.
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