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The accurate prediction of ligand-biopolymer binding affinities is of general interest to medicinal chemistry, as well as to the broader field of molecular recognition. The ability to predict computationally the thermodynamics of these molecular recognition processes has been relatively weak until recently, however, continued developments on several fronts(More)
In order to make parallel analysis more accessible to researchers employing principal component techniques, regression equations are presented for the logarithms of the latent roots of random data correlation matrices with unities on the diagonal. These regression equations have as independent variables logarithms of: the single variable degrees of freedom;(More)
This report describes the application of a high resolution (6 ns) pseudo-random noise (PN) channel probe for evaluating the transmission character of a land-mobile communication channel. Preliminary measurements were performed at a microwave frequency in a number of locations in Boulder, Colorado. Examples of data are presented which characterize the(More)
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