R. Hirsch

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All reactions involving reverse transcription of RNA are segregated from the cytosol within a subviral particle or capsid composed of the major capsid protein, the polymerase and the RNA template. A key step in the formation of these particles is the selective encapsidation of the RNA template. Although an important general feature of the reverse(More)
Acknowledgement I would like to express my special thanks of gratitude to my examiner; Robert Eklund as well as my supervisor; Richard Hirsch who taught me the different angles to think more widely into my project. I would also like to thank the people who helped me to do my research at a preschool and agreed on my opinion which helped me in doing my(More)
In corporate settings where service-oriented architecture (SOA) are being considered as a technical foundation to support business process management (BPM) efforts, there are often questions regarding the optimal environment for process execution. This paper focuses on our experiences with such environments based on SAP NetWeaver technology - in particular(More)
INNOVATION IS THE driving force behind progress in neurosurgery. Most significant innovations require commercialization to ensure appropriate development and ultimate distribution to patients. There are several key factors that determine whether a particular innovation is likely to be commercially successful. Relationships between academic neurosurgeons and(More)
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