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Contents Introduction: Practical Political Analysis Five Strategic Guidelines 1. Democracy has differential outcomes for the poor 2. States create and shape the political opportunities for the poor 3. There is no reason to expect that decentralisation will be pro-poor 4. There is a wide range of possibilities for pro-poor political alliances 5. Many of the(More)
Recurrent episodes of civil unrest significantly reduce the potential for economic growth and poverty reduction. Yet the economics literature offers little understanding of what triggers civil unrest in society and how to prevent it. This paper provides a theoretical analysis in a dynamic setting of the merits of redistributive transfers in preventing the(More)
This paper analyses the relationship between redistributive policies and civil unrest. This relationship is modelled in a discrete two-period recursive model. Key theoretical assumptions and outcomes are tested empirically using data for a panel of 14 major Indian states between 1973 and 2000. The analysis shows that, in the medium-term, redistributive(More)
Acknowledgements: We are very grateful for comments and suggestions from Abhijit Banerjee, Pranab Bardhan, Tony Bebbington, Hans Binswanger, Stephens Commins, Samantha da Silva, Mrinal Datta Chaudhuri, Jean-Jacques Dethier, Jean Dreze, Jonathon Fox, Ron Herring, Ravi Kanbur, Peter Lanjouw, William Mayville, Dilip Mookherjee,Alice Sindzingre, Judith Tendler,(More)
Potential poverty traps among the rural poor suggest a need to reduce poor farmers’ vulnerability by stabilizing crop yields and limiting yield losses. Advances in biotechnology will help address this need directly with crops that tolerate climate fluctuation or resist biotic stresses. Evaluating ex ante how farmers will value these ‘propoor’ seeds is(More)
In this paper we investigate the asymptotic stability of dynamic, multipleobjective linear programs. In particular, we show that a generalization of the optimal partition stabilizes for a large class of data functions. This result is based on a new theorem about asymptotic sign-solvable systems. The stability properties of the generalized optimal partition(More)
Preventing dehydration in subjects at risk may provide a means of primary prevention of kidney stones. The purpose of this pilot study was to assess the hydration status of an at-risk group of steel plant workers based on end-of-shift (‘post-shift’) spot urine osmolality and 24-h urinary stone risk parameters. 100 volunteers were recruited from Gerdau(More)
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