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PURPOSE CT and MRT are not applicable for the early detection of lymph node (LN) recurrence in prostate cancer. The PET / CT ((11)C-, (18)F-choline) technique can detect lesions >or= 5 mm and allows their topographic localisation. We have analysed positive (11)C-choline PET / CT LN findings in the case of a PSA increase after radical prostatectomy (RPE)(More)
This case describes the history of disease of a 53-year old man, who has been treated for a putative recurrent nailbed granuloma of the right big toe since 1996. In 2000 an enlarged inguinal lymph node was excised. The light microscopic examination showed a metastasis of a malignant melanoma. In 2003 we received a tumor of the right big toe for(More)
The term "deciduosis" is used to describe the severe pregnancy-associated occurrence of ectopic decidua with a usually asymptomatic course. We report on two cases of massive maternal intra-abdominal bleeding due to such symptomatic changes. The complications arose at different time points for the two cases: prepartum (26th week of pregnancy) or,(More)
Molecular genetic investigations have made it clear that the development and progression of prostate cancer is associated with losses of genetic material in certain chromosomal arms. However, there are only few data about the question of whether the zonal location, a higher Gleason grade, or multifocality of the tumour have any influence on the pattern of(More)
BACKGROUND Neck abscesses can originate from congenital cervical cysts. Cervical cysts of bronchogenic origin are rare and often asymptomatic. Common symptoms of bronchogenic cysts are stridor, dyspnoea and dysphagia. The reported patient represents the second published case of a bronchogenic cyst causing a neck abscess in an adult. CASE REPORT We report(More)
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