R. Hecker

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Synthetic oligodeoxynucleotides (ODN) containing CpG motifs (CpG-ODN) have been shown to be effective immunoprotective agents in murine models for a variety of viral, intracellular bacterial, and protozoan infections. Until now, the use of CpG-ODN to protect against extracellular bacterial infections has not been reported. The objective of this study was to(More)
BACKGROUND Cytosine-phosphate-guanosine oligodeoxynucleotide (CpG-ODN) has been used successfully to induce immune responses against viral and intracellular organisms in mammals. The main objective of this study was to test the effect of CpG-ODN on antigen presenting cells of young foals. METHODS Peripheral blood monocytes of foals (n = 7) were isolated(More)
Comparisons of 2 x, 3 x, and 4 X sugarbeet (Beta vulgaris L.) lines and hybrids were made to determine the effects of ploidy level on sucrose yield and quality components in equivalent and non-equivalent hybrid populations. The relative order of importance for the components of recoverable sucrose was generally the same for all three ploidy levels, with(More)
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