R. Haskell

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A motion-sensitive en-face-scanning 3-D optical coherence microscope (OCM) has been designed and constructed to study critical events in the early development of plants and animals. We describe the OCM instrument and present time-lapse movies of frog gastrulation, an early developmental event in which three distinct tissue layers are established that later(More)
Using the method of images, we examine the three boundary conditions commonly applied to the surface of a semi-infinite turbid medium. We find that the image-charge configurations of the partial-current and extrapolated-boundary conditions have the same dipole and quadrupole moments and that the two corresponding solutions to the diffusion equation are(More)
We present an image reconstruction method for diffuse optical tomography (DOT) by using the sparsity regularization and expectation-maximization (EM) algorithm. Typical image reconstruction approaches in DOT employ Tikhonov-type regularization, which imposes restrictions on the L 2 norm of the optical properties (absorption/scattering coefficients). It(More)
Amplitude-modulated light launched into multiple-scattering media, e.g., tissue, results in the propagation of density waves of diffuse photons. Photon density wave characteristics in turn depend on modulation frequency (omega) and media optical properties. The damped spherical wave solutions to the homogeneous form of the diffusion equation suggest two(More)
We present 3D linear reconstructions of time-domain (TD) diffuse optical imaging differential data. We first compute the sensitivity matrix at different delay gates within the diffusion approximation for a homogeneous semi-infinite medium. The matrix is then inverted using spatially varying regularization. The performances of the method and the influence of(More)
We describe a novel frequency-domain photon migration instrument employing direct diode laser modulation and avalanche photodiode detection, which is capable of noninvasively determinating the optical properties of biological tissues in near real time. An infinite medium diffusion model was used to extract absorption and transport scattering coefficients(More)
Light-scattering technique for the study of dynamic thickness fluctuations in thin liquid films. We describe a light-scattering technique capable of probing the dynamics of thickness fluctuations in lipid bilayers. The technique, which we call reflectance fluctuation spectroscopy (RFS), is keenly sensitive to light scattered from the squeeze modes of motion(More)