R. Harikrishnan

D. Sudarsanam1
M. Dhanasekaran1
J. S. Rajkumar1
1D. Sudarsanam
1M. Dhanasekaran
1J. S. Rajkumar
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Both oxidative stress and inflammatory reactions play a major role in alcoholic liver fibrosis. We evaluated the efficacy of ascorbic acid (AA) and silymarin in the regression of alcohol-induced inflammation in hepatocytes of guinea pigs (Cavia porcellus). Animals were administered with ethanol at a daily dose of 4 g/kg body weight (b.wt) for 90 days. On(More)
The applicability of stem cells from the human endometrium and fallopian tube for regeneration is a fascinating area of research because of the role of these cells in dynamic tissue remodelling and their cyclical regenerative property during the menstrual cycle and pregnancy. Nevertheless, studies on the identity of biomarkers of these stem cells are(More)
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