R. Harikrishnan

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Indian Sign Language (ISL) is a visual-spatial language which provides linguistic information using hands, arms, facial expressions, and head/body postures. Our proposed work aims at recognizing 3D dynamic signs corresponding to ISL words. With the advent of 3D sensors like Microsoft Kinect Cameras, 3D geometric processing of images has received much(More)
The BIST technique for logic circuits improves access to internal signals from primary input/outputs. This paper presents programmable logic BIST architecture for testing ASIC chips. The scheme is based on STUMPS [6] (Self Test Using MISR [4, 6] and Parallel Shift register) architecture which uses an on-chip circuitry to generate the test patterns and(More)
This paper discusses about the design and implementation of low power automatic scheduled alarm system whose schedule and time can be programmed using a computer via Universal Serial Bus port. Educational institutions, Factories, hospitals, etc are some places where this can be primarily used. The system uses an 8 bit PIC18f4550 microcontroller, a DS12626(More)
In several traditional algorithms for optimization, the complexity of algorithm increases with expansion of system infrastructure. Resource constraint, cost and energy availability of wireless sensor network (WSN) demand a better node localization algorithm that doesn't require extra hardware as well as has better accuracy with good convergence. Sensor node(More)
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