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The safety of ADHD medications is not fully known. Concerns have arisen about both a lack of contemporary-standard information about medications first licensed several decades ago, and signals of possible harm arising from more recently developed medications. These relate to both relatively minor adverse effects and extremely serious issues such as sudden(More)
OBJECTIVE In a study conducted in New Brunswick and Newfoundland and Labrador, we examined the economic impact on families caring for a child with cancer. METHODS We undertook semi-structured interviews with 28 French and English families with a child diagnosed with cancer in the last 10 years. RESULTS Families who care for a child with cancer incur(More)
  • I. A. T. Livingstone, C. M. Tarbert, M. E. Giardini, A. Bastawrous, D. Middleton, R. Hamilton
  • 2016
Mobile technology is increasingly used to measure visual acuity. Standards for chart-based acuity tests specify photometric requirements for luminance, optotype contrast and luminance uniformity. Manufacturers provide some photometric data but little is known about tablet performance for visual acuity testing. This study photometrically characterised seven(More)
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