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This retrospective report presents a series of patients with endogenous endophthalmitis treated over a 13-y period in a tertiary care centre in South Australia. 16 eyes of 13 patients (8 M, 5 F) with a mean age 62 y were included. Systemic predisposing risk factors were mainly diabetes mellitus (30.7%), chronic obstructive airway disease (23.1%) and(More)
Widely used multiple alignment based techniques can give false results for single base mutation as the primary sequence of mutants and that of the wild types are very similar. We present a technique that uses signal processing methods along with biochemical properties of individual amino acids for the analysis of proteins. Each amino acid of mutant protein(More)
We present a 52-year-old woman who was diagnosed with surgically induced necrotizing scleritis 48 years after strabismus surgery. This case demonstrates the importance of a high index of suspicion for this sight-threatening condition, even many years after strabismus surgery.
A new hierarchical method is proposed to analyze timeseries DNA microarray data to identify dynamic genetic pathways. Initially the hierarchical method applies a specialized clustering technique to incorporate the available heuristic information about biological system. Then, the prototypes of the resulting clusters are used as time-variables to develop an(More)
We present a new technique to predict the functional behaviour of protein mutants using their primary sequence. The amino acid sequences of proteins are used to form biochemical signals. Signal processing techniques are used to extract functionally meaningful measures from these signals. These computational measures are then used to distinguish functional(More)
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