R. H. Wiggins

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Seismometer operation for 21 days at Tranquillity Base revealed, among strong signals produced by the Apollo 11 lunar module descent stage, a small proportion of probable natural seismic signals. The latter are long-duration, emergent oscillations which lack the discrete phases and coherence of earthquake signals. From similarity with the impact signal of(More)
Oxovanadium(IV) complexes with ligands derived from the reaction of salicylaldehyde with L-cysteine and with D- and D,L-penicillamine are prepared. The compounds are characterised by elemental analysis, spectroscopy (UV-VIS, CD, EPR), TG, DSC and magnetic susceptibility measurements (9-295 K). We discuss several aspects related to the structure of these(More)
Inverse filter parameters may be determined from estimates of the autocorrelation or covariance of a sampled signal by methods which admit corruption of partial results and generate subsequently optimal values for the remaining parameters. Experimental results are presented to indicate the extent to which such techniques can compensate for the effects of(More)
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