R. H. W. Graves

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Modeling by paraxial extrapolators is applicable to wave-propagation problems in which most of the energy is traveling within a restricted angular cone about a principal axis of the problem. Using this technique, frequency-domain finite-difference solutions accurate for propagation angles out to 60 " are readily generated for both two-dimensional (2-D) and(More)
Concerns regarding pain constitute a large component of dental anxiety, and patients with high dental anxiety are likely to have exaggerated memory and prediction of dental pain. It remains to be investigated, however, if memory of anxiety is exaggerated in a manner similar to that of pain, and if anxiety and pain assimilate in memory over time. A sample of(More)
[1] We investigate the finite rupture processes of two M > 5 earthquakes in the 2012 Brawley swarm by joint inversion of nearby strong motion and high-rate GPS data. Waveform inversions up to 3 Hz were made possible by using a small event (M w 3.9) for path calibration of the velocity structure. Our results indicate that the first (M w 5.3) event ruptured a(More)
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