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Although the addition of just the excitation light field at the focus, or of just the fluorescence field at the detector is sufficient for a three- to fivefold resolution increase in 4Pi-fluorescence microscopy, substantial improvements of its optical properties are achieved by exploiting both effects simultaneously. They encompass not only an additional(More)
—There are ever increasing demands for additional capacity in wireless communications to handle voice, data, and wideband Internet applications. These demands are constrained by the bandwidth that was allocated to wireless communications. assisted by simulations, were developed to assure accurate results for the BLAST capacities of the measured remote(More)
We report on the ultrahigh long-term dimensional stability of a crystalline cryogenic optical resonator (CORE) cooled to liquid-helium temperature. The frequency of a Nd:YAG laser stabilized to a CORE was compared over long times with an independent laser system, a frequency-doubled Nd:YAG laser stabilized to a hyperfine line of molecular iodine at 532 nm.(More)
A synchronously pumped dye laser is constructed that uses an actively mode-locked Q-switched Nd:YAG laser as the pump source. The system consists of a grating-tuned dye oscillator and two transversely pumped and one longitudinally pumped amplifier stages. Output energies of 1.5 mJ in a 20-psec pulse at 5700 A, corresponding to a peak power of 10(8) W, are(More)
A simple technique is described for the efficient detection of multiphoton transitions from metastable states of atomic or molecular species to their excited states of either even or odd parity. This technique is demonstrated in metastable He, and first measurements of n3S-n3D splittings for n = 18-22 are reported.
Ultrashort pulses were produced at 248 nm by using a transverse-discharge KrF* excimer laser as a high-energy amplifier system. Input pulses for the amplifier system were obtained by upconverting the output of a modelocked visible dye laser to the ultraviolet by using nonlinear crystals. Pulses of up to 20 mJ; in energy with 10-30-psec duration were(More)
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