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—There are ever increasing demands for additional capacity in wireless communications to handle voice, data, and wideband Internet applications. These demands are constrained by the bandwidth that was allocated to wireless communications. assisted by simulations, were developed to assure accurate results for the BLAST capacities of the measured remote(More)
Energy efficient nanomagnetic logic (NML) computing architectures propagate binary information by relying on dipolar field coupling to reorient closely spaced nanoscale magnets. Signal propagation in nanomagnet chains has been previously characterized by static magnetic imaging experiments; however, the mechanisms that determine the final state and their(More)
Ultrashort pulses were produced at 248 nm by using a transverse-discharge KrF* excimer laser as a high-energy amplifier system. Input pulses for the amplifier system were obtained by upconverting the output of a modelocked visible dye laser to the ultraviolet by using nonlinear crystals. Pulses of up to 20 mJ; in energy with 10-30-psec duration were(More)
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