R. H. S. Hardy

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BACKGROUND Pyridoxine is frequently used to treat capecitabine-induced hand-foot syndrome (HFS), although the evidence of benefit is lacking. We performed a randomised placebo-controlled trial to determine whether pyridoxine could avoid the need for capecitabine dose modifications and improve outcomes. METHODS A total of 106 patients planned for(More)
BACKGROUND The relationship between chemotherapy-related toxicities and prognosis is unclear. Previous studies have examined the association of myelosuppression parameters or neuropathy with survival and reported conflicting results. This study aims to investigate 13 common chemotherapy toxicities and their association with relapse-free survival and breast(More)
Ninety-four common genetic variants are confirmed to be associated with breast cancer. This study tested the hypothesis that breast cancer susceptibility variants may also be associated with chemotherapy-induced toxicity through shared mechanistic pathways such as DNA damage response, an association that, to our knowledge, has not been previously(More)
Eight Sprague-Dawley rats 10 to 12 weeks of age had one limb immobilized by plaster in knee flexion and ankle plantar flexion for four weeks. The soleus muscles from the control and immobilized limbs were excised and frozen. The technique used insured that cross sections subsequently cut and stained would contain all the fibers extending from the origin to(More)
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