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0026-2714/$ see front matter 2012 Elsevier Ltd. A http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.microrel.2012.03.015 ⇑ Corresponding author. Tel.: +31 (0) 15 27 82311. E-mail address: R.H.Poelma@tudelft.nl (R.H. Poelm In this paper, the buckling behavior of fixed–fixed, both singleand multiwall carbon nanotubes (CNTs) under axial compressive loads, are studied using(More)
Vertically aligned carbon nanotube arrays (CNTs) are a nanoscale material that can be grown from the bottom up in a fast and controlled manner to form large microstructures. Combined with thin conformal coatings, we gain accurate control over the material properties of nano-porous CNT arrays. This paper deals with three topics involving nanoscale materials(More)
The traction-displacement relations of the epoxy-copper interfaces are studied using an atomistic model. The reaction force of the epoxy layer in response to displacement of the interface is calculated during molecular dynamics simulation. A parametric study in terms of displacement rate and the step size of displacement increment has been performed. The(More)
Techniques for the bonding of wafers and dies at low temperature are investigated. Controlled wet etching using acids is used to bond SiO<sub>2</sub>-SiO<sub>2</sub> and Al-Al chips at room temperature. The bond strength is evaluated using die-shear tests. Infrared imaging and SEM analysis are used to inspect the bonding interface. The results are compared(More)
In this paper, the buckling behavior of fixed-fixed, both single- and multi- wall carbon nanotubes (CNTs) under axial compressive loads, are studied using analytical continuum theory and molecular dynamics (MD). An approach based on the tethering of atoms, is used to apply the boundary conditions and extract the reaction forces during the MD simulation.(More)
Mesoscale parameters, which describe the atomic interactions of the polymer-metal interface at the separation process, are important in the development of a coarse grain model for the interfacial adhesion study. A non-equilibrium molecular dynamics model is established to obtain the traction-displacement relations of the separation of epoxy-copper(More)
Traditional lighting is focused on the prevention of hardware failures. With the trend towards controlled and connected systems, other components will start playing an equal role in the reliability of it. Here reliability need to be replaced by availability and other modelling approaches are to be taken into account. System prognostics and health management(More)
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