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Subjects have previously been reported to show difficulties in recognising faces which are either inverted or in photographic negative. Experiments are reported in which a two-alternative forced-choice technique was used to measure sensitivity for distinguishing faces which have been modified by having the eyes moved vertically or horizontally. Subjects(More)
An artificial neural network has been used to model the irradiation hardening of low-activation ferritic/martensitic steels. The data used to create the model span a range of displacement damage of 0-90 dpa, within a temperature range of 273-973 K and contain 1800 points. The trained model has been able to capture the non-linear dependence of yield strength(More)
The development of fusion power requires a facility for assessing the behaviour of materials subjected to damage from 14 MeV neutrons with displacement damage levels of up to 150 atomic displacements per atom. The proposed International Fusion Materials Irradiation Facility (IFMIF) will enable experiments to be conducted that closely fit these requirements.(More)
We have constructed a Bayesian neural network model that predicts the change, due to neutron irradiation, of the Charpy ductile-brittle transition temperature (ΔDBTT) of low activation martensitic steels given a 40-dimensional set of data from the literature. The irradiation doses were < 100 displacements per atom (dpa). Results show the high significance(More)
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