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Subjects have previously been reported to show difficulties in recognising faces which are either inverted or in photographic negative. Experiments are reported in which a two-alternative forced-choice technique was used to measure sensitivity for distinguishing faces which have been modified by having the eyes moved vertically or horizontally. Subjects(More)
We have constructed a Bayesian neural network model that predicts the change, due to neutron irradiation, of the Charpy ductile-brittle transition temperature (ΔDBTT) of low activation martensitic steels given a 40-dimensional set of data from the literature. The irradiation doses were < 100 displacements per atom (dpa). Results show the high significance(More)
An artificial neural network has been used to model the irradiation hardening of lowactivation ferritic/martensitic steels. The data used to create the model span a range of displacement damage of 0 90 dpa, within a temperature range of 273 973 K and contain 1800 points. The trained model has been able to capture the non-linear dependence of yield strength(More)
One of the major problems in building a future fusion power station is the development of suitable structural materials. These materials will be exposed to high energy neutron bombardment, with consequent changes in their mechanical properties – embrittlement, hardening and swelling, for example. A missing link in modelling these effects is an effective(More)
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