R. H. Kemp

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Computer based educational systems are faced with an increasing range of challenges. The use of multimedia provides a number of technical and conceptual demands, the volume and nature of the material requires sophisticated knowledge representation techniques, and a continuously increasing level of interactivity between learner and system is desired. This(More)
Multimedia data is rapidly gaining importance along with recent deployment of publicly accessible digital television archives, and surveillance cameras in public locations. In a few years, analyzing the content of multime-dia data will be a problem of phenomenal proportions, as digital video may produce high data rates, and multimedia archives steadily run(More)
The appropriate use of multimedia is becoming increasingly important in computer teaching systems. Not only are students stimulated by being presented with information in a variety of forms, but such an approach also more closely resembles the real world where they have to assimilate what they see and hear, abstracting out what is relevant. With the(More)
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