R. H.-H. Yang

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Human cyclin A1, a newly discovered cyclin, is expressed in testis and is thought to function in the meiotic cell cycle. Here, we show that the expression of human cyclin A1 and cyclin A1-associated kinase activities was regulated during the mitotic cell cycle. In the osteosarcoma cell line MG63, cyclin A1 mRNA and protein were present at very low levels in(More)
BACKGROUND Normal myocardial development and the tissue response to cardiac stress are accompanied by marked changes in gene expression; however, the extent of these changes and their significance remain to be fully explored. We used cDNA microarrays for gene expression profiling in rat cardiac tissue samples to study developmental transitions and the(More)
Cyclin A1 is tissue-specifically expressed during spermatogenesis, but it is also highly expressed in acute myeloid leukemia (AML). Its pathogenetic role in AML and in the cell cycle of leukemic blasts is unknown. B-myb is essential for G1/S transition and has been shown to be phosphorylated by the cyclin A2/cdk2 complex. Here it is demonstrated that cyclin(More)
Thermal management has become a critical issue for high heat flux electronics and energy systems. Integrated two-phase microchannel liquid-cooling technology has been envisioned as a promising solution, but with great challenges in flow instability. In this work, silicon nanowires were synthesized in situ in parallel silicon microchannel arrays for the(More)
Previous studies from our laboratories have demonstrated a selective increase in stores of atrial natriuretic peptide (ANP) in the anterior hypothalamus of NaCl-sensitive spontaneously hypertensive rats (SHR-S) compared to NaCl-resistant Wistar-Kyoto (WKY) controls and have suggested that anterior hypothalamic ANP contributes to the pathogenesis of(More)
Our previous studies demonstrated that intravenous (IV) administration of the selective dopamine (DA) D2 receptor agonist quinpirole (LY171555) induces a pressor response in conscious Sprague-Dawley (S-D) rats through a central mechanism. The present study was designed to identify the neurons which medicate this pressor response. Injection of quinpirole(More)
Previous studies have shown that microinjection of atrial natriuretic peptide into the caudal nucleus tractus solitarii produces significant increases in local neuronal firing rate associated with reductions in arterial pressure in anesthetized Wistar rats. Single units excited by microinjection of atrial natriuretic peptide into the caudal nucleus tractus(More)
We tested the hypothesis that in NaCl-sensitive spontaneously hypertensive rats (SHR-S) maintained on high NaCl diets, sympathoinhibitory neurons in the anterior hypothalamic area display increased responsiveness to alpha 2-adrenergic receptor stimulation, giving rise to exaggerated depressor responses. Clonidine (0.6-2.5 micrograms) was microinjected(More)
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