R H Funk

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BACKGROUND The innervation of skeletal tissues by sensory nerves is poorly understood - especially of nerve fibres which reach into the bony and cartilaginous tissue. METHODS Samples of rat cartilaginous tissues from different locations (knee joint, vertebral column, temporomandibular joint) were fixed by perfusion and decalcified. The distribution of(More)
PURPOSE To describe the arterial blood supply, capillary bed, and venous drainage of the rat optic nerve head. METHODS Ocular microvascular castings from 6 Wistar rats were prepared by injection of epoxy resin through the common carotid arteries. After polymerization, tissues were digested with 6 M KOH, and the castings washed, dried, and coated for(More)
Several studies have demonstrated in the past that endogenous opioid peptides and opioid receptors may be involved as mediators of brain tissue growth and function in the neonate. Applying histological and autoradiographic methods, we have examined the effect of the mu-receptor-specific antagonist, naltrexone, on the proliferation of the 4-12-week-old rat(More)
By means of pO2-needle electrodes the oxygen tension in the anterior chamber of rabbit and cynomolgus monkey eyes was measured and correlated with the topography. It can be clearly shown that the pO2 in front of the pupil is substantially lower than in front of the anterior iris surface. It is evident that the O2-supply of the anterior chamber is provided(More)
Intracapillary haemoglobin oxygenation (oxygen saturation) and haemoglobin concentration (corresponding with blood volume) were measured in different regions of the albino rabbit anterior eye segment using the Erlangen micro-lightguide spectrophotometer (EMPHO I). The tip of the microlightguide (active diameter 210 microns, cover diameter 0.5 mm) was placed(More)
In the cynomolgus monkey, rabbit and rat the architecture of the pars plana vasculature was investigated using scanning electron micrographs of resin casts. The most complex vessel architecture was found in the cynomolgus monkey. Here, the pars plana venules have affluxes from the ciliary processes, ciliary muscle and iris. Numerous interconnections between(More)
The architecture of the vasculature of the human anterior eye segment was studied by scanning electron microscopy of vascular resin casts. Regarding the major vessels it was found that the perforating branches of the anterior ciliary arteries (ACA) form an anastomozing circle which lies in the posterior portion of the ciliary muscle (intramuscular circle).(More)
Intraocular pressure dependent reactions of optic nerve head vasculature and intracapillary haemoglobin oxygenation (HbO(2); oxygen saturation) were studied in the center and at the rim of the rabbit optic nerve head (ONH) as well as in the choroid, by a new combination of microendoscopy and simultaneous haemoglobin spectrophotometry. In 13 anesthetized(More)
BACKGROUND Lyme disease can affect people, dogs, and horses, but it remains poorly understood, especially in the horse. Determining the seroprevalence of Borrelia burgdorferi in horses in different geographic areas will enable better understanding of the epidemiology of the disease, thus improving diagnosis and treatment of affected animals. HYPOTHESIS To(More)