R. H. Byrd

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Previous conceptualizations of autism have suggested that symptoms are evident either early in the first year of life or later in the second year, after a loss of previously acquired skills. New research suggests, however, that these two patterns do not capture all the different ways autism can emerge. For example, some children show a developmental plateau(More)
Testicular metastases are a rare finding. Typically, a testicular metastasis will present as a complication of progressive disease or as a primary sign of malignancy. Excluding lymphoma and leukemia, prostate cancer is the most common primary site that metastasizes to the testes. Testicular metastases resulting from squamous cell carcinoma of the lung have(More)
  • Andres Felipe Marquez, Andres Marquez, Felipe, Major Professor, Wilfrido A Moreno, T James +9 others
  • 2015
Motion-logger: An attitude and motion sensing system" (2008). Graduate Theses and Dissertations. Dedication To all the people who made it possible for me to write this thesis. Acknowledgments I thank my major professor Dr. Wilfrido Moreno for his support during this research and the Masters program, which I am successfully finishing at the University of(More)
  • Nancy Wallace, Peter F Colwell, William Kinnard, Roger H Downing, Raymond W Eyerly, Richard D Twark +23 others
  • 2003
To update the text for internet production, the type face and some of the pagination has changed. No changes have been made to the content of the report. Acknowledgments This literature review benefitted from the assistance of many individuals and organizations. The Edison Electric Institute provided funding for the project, with Joel Mazelis acting as(More)
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