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This paper describes a threefold method of testing the performance of an array-based ultrasonic tool for nondestructive testing of spot welds. The tool is described in its capabilities, use, and advantages over existing counterparts. Performance testing for and the results from carrying out the testing are described. The three performance testing methods(More)
This paper examines the utilization of the time reversal matched filtering method to resolve the location of an acoustic point source beneath a skull phantom (variable thickness layer), without the removal of this layer. This acoustical process is examined experimentally in a water tank immersion system containing an acoustic source, a custom-made skull(More)
There are several rapidly developing non-destructive physical methods that are increasingly used for the analysis and assessment of art objects. These technologies are posed to bring about drastic changes in the attribution and inventory characterization procedures carried out by museums, private collections, art dealers, and art community as a whole.(More)
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