R. Gopalan

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It is well known that availability of the channel state information (CSI) at the transmitter significantly increases the throughput of MIMO broadcast systems. For even larger increase of the throughput it is important to identify and to transmit to receivers whose channel vectors are almost orthogonal to each other. Since typically the feedback link from(More)
This paper calculates both an upper bound and a constructive lower bound on the capacity of an N transmitter, K receiver MIMO fading network. The channel between the transmitters and the receivers is Rayleigh flat fading with fading coefficients unknown to both transmitters and receivers. The lower bound is derived from a practicable successive decoding(More)
This paper proves that CDMA with beam forming single user detection (SUD-CDMA) is asymptotically optimum, even if it is done on a user by user basis (naive CDMA), for many large wireless networks in the presence of unknown fading. The paper models the transmitters and receivers as uniformly distributed over a grid in a 3-D, 2-D or 1-D universe and allows(More)
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