R. Gonzalez

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Pattern recognition receptors and receptors for pro-inflammatory cytokines provide critical signals to drive the development of protective immunity to infection. Therefore, counter-regulatory pathways are required to ensure that overwhelming inflammation harm host tissues. Previously, we showed that lipoxins modulate immune response during infection,(More)
This paper explores the use of heuristics as cognitive strategies invoked during the process of design. Heuristics are reasoning processes that do not guarantee the best solution, but often lead to potential solutions by providing a simple cognitive " shortcut. " We propose that designers use specific design heuristics to explore the problem space of(More)
Recent policies and proposed regulations, including the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking for the Common Rule and the 2014 NIH Genetic Data Sharing Policy, seek to improve research subject protections. Protections for subjects whose genetic data is shared are critical to reduce risks such as loss of confidentiality, stigma, and discrimination. In the article(More)
The growth of foreign trade and globalization emphasize the weaknesses of extended supply chain in front of occurrence of disruptive events that impact differently (deviation, disruption, disaster) the normal operation, in some cases the consequences are temporary but the worst scenario is when the event produces a permanent cessation of its activities.(More)