R. Glenn Brook

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In the study of Parkinson's disease (PD), substantial research has shown a variety of findings within brain MR images that differ on a group-wise level between individuals with PD and healthy adults, including resting brain activity and blood flow [1, 2], diffusion tensor fractional anisotropy [3], and brain iron deposition [4, 5]. Despite these promising(More)
The Analysis of Functional Neuroimaging (AFNI) suite [1], a set of C programs and auxiliary scripts for processing, analyzing, and displaying functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) data (a technique for mapping human brain activity), is a widely adopted open-source tool in the MRI data analysis community. For many types of analysis pipelines, a key(More)
The near exponential growth in sequence data available to bioinformaticists, and the emergence of new fields of biological research, continue to fuel an incessant need for increases in sequence alignment performance. Concurrently, the High Performance Computing (HPC) world has seen a steady increase in the use of the Intel Xeon Phi. This is depicted by the(More)
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