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It was discovered that some LAN traffic exhibits self-similar rather than Poisson behaviour and there is ongoing research towards finding and improving suitable estimators which may help to characterize various types of network traffic. Such characterization can be potentially applied for control purposes such as traffic shaping, load balancing, etc. The(More)
Many previous peer effects in higher education studies have assumed that peer groups form at the roommate, dorm floor, or dorm-level. Random assignment of students into squadrons at the US Air Force Academy allows us to identify the peer group with which students spend a majority of their time interacting. Using the squadron as the peer group, we find peer(More)
The intensity of long-range dependence (LRD) of the communications network traffic can be measured using the Hurst parameter. There are various estimators of Hurst parameter which differ in reliability of their results. Getting reliable estimator can help to improve traffic characterization, performance modelling, planning and engineering of the real(More)
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