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This paper presents the initial results of the "Minerva Project" ohtamed by means of two different 3D scanning techniques. The Minerva of Arezzo is a bronze statue (Archaeological Museum in Florence) currently under restoration. The "Minerva project" intends to show how 3D techniques can integrate standard diagnostic methods giving uscful and powerful tools(More)
Scalability is the capability of a system to process an increasing workload or to increase its capacity at the minimum cost and without decreasing its performance below the threshold of customer expectation. Scalability is an essential characteristic of e-commerce web sites due to the high variance in the rate of arrival of requests and to the rapid growth(More)
  • F Bonechi, N Ciccoli, R Giachetti, E Sorace, M Tarlini
  • 2008
We study unitarity of the induced representations from coisotropic quantum subgroups which were introduced in [3]. We define a real structure on coisotropic subgroups which determines an involution on the homogeneous space. We give general invariance properties for functionals on the homogeneous space which are sufficient to build a unitary representation(More)
In this paper we study the interaction of a Dirac-Pauli particle with an electromagnetic plane wave, by using a previously given generalization of the pseudo-classical Lagrangian for a spinning particle with an anomalous magnetic moment. We derive the explicit expressions for the eigenfunctions and the Green's functions of the theory. We discuss the(More)
A 65-year-old female was admitted to our Hospital in March 1996 due to cephalgia, diplopy and chin paresthesias. Physical examination revealed paralysis of the left third cranial nerve and of the trigeminus inferior branch. Computed tomographic (CT) cra-nial scan revealed diffuse skull and sphenoid osteol-ysis with a stricture of the inferior orbital(More)
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