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The effect of three treatment modalities of idiopathic-subjective tinnitus (IST): acupuncture (AP), biofeedback (BF) and Cinnarizine (Cin), was investigated in 58 randomly selected subjects. The findings show that at the end of treatment, 50% of the patients in the biofeedback group reported some amelioration in the level of the tinnitus, while 30% of the(More)
Naive CD4 T cells acquire the potential to produce IFN-gamma and IL-4 by culture in the presence of their cognate Ag, APC, and appropriate cytokines. In this study, we show that commitment to IFN-gamma production on the part of rigorously purified naive CD4 T cells can occur without cell division. Indeed, even entry into S phase is not essential. Moreover,(More)
The concept that local infiltration of the operative area with a local anesthetic when using general anesthesia could alleviate postoperative pain is well known. We tested this concept on 129 patients scheduled for elective tonsillectomy. The patients were investigated in a double-blind, randomized study, and the operation was carried out via the standard(More)
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